1 , What is breuddwyd Nig Limited to a lay man?.


2,  Is breuddwyd Nig Limited a registered company?.


3, what is the principal business/service of Breuddwyd Nig limited?.


4, Other businesses owned by breuddwyd Nig limited.


Is Breuddwyd Nig Limited into Real estate?


4, What other industries is breuddwyd Nig Limited willing to come on board with in due time?.


5, Can anyone have access to breuddwyd services any day any time?


6, What is Breuddwyd Nig Limited watch word?.


6, What values dos Breuddwyd Nig Limited hold unto?.

Ans, Breuddwyd Nig Limited is a business company.


Ans, Yes Breuddwyd Nig Limited is registered under the federal republic of Nigeria with incoporation numbers  RC: 1892517.

Ans, General contract and logistic company.


Ans, Fashion and luxury Clothing xLvee.com , E-Commerce SaleAfro.com and others such as Agricultural raw material, Tea and beverages SahanaDiva.com , Job agency NigJobs.com , Web design and so on. etc .

Ans, Yes Breuddwyd Nig Limited is into real estate valuation, of both property and any other form of asset portfolio.


Ans, Breuddwyd Nig has not started anything so far in the world of Technology and finance and it is a necessary objective.

Ans, Yes any day any time just run on our contact page and reach out to us please.


Ans, Speed and accuracy is how we hope to deliver our service to our respective clients


Ans, We identity with quality whatever we do.