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General Contract

We don't need to say much, just tell us what you want, we are always ready to go that mile for you any day any time just whenever you call, we will be there to serve you better.

Real Estate

We have work with people just like you and that’s why we feel we have known and understand more on the art of building a dream home that fits you, which makes us the perfect people you can rely on. Find out see more

Oil & Gas

We have the best price on products such as diesel, petroleum and gas and we supply at a very affordable rate, our quality is assuring, so if you want the best price or the best value for your money get us involved on your team.

Solar Energy

Now you need an uninterrupted power back up more than you ever did and you need us to handle that for you, why? cause we take care of your orders just as you want us to

Content Design & Promotion

Do you have an event and you had love to present the idea in a picture of beautiful colors? do you desire to paint the world with your thoughts? we are the perfect plug for you and that is because we care about how you feel and will give you result just as you expect.

Web Design & I.T Solutions

The world is speedily advancing and technology is fast taking over almost every aspect of our lives, is time for you to engage us as friends to handle I.T solution and we will be there for whenever you call.... find out more

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SaleAfro Multi Vendor e-commerce
SahanaDiva Coffee & tea company


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