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Our Tea and Coffee

SahanaDiva Tea and coffee company is established to bring a complete vitality in tea and coffee beverages so as to be the number one leading Tea and coffee beverage not just in Nigeria but in Africa and also to be one of the leading companies that offer quality and trustworthy product in the world at larger over time. And we are certainly sure that we can achieve this goal, because not a day in business have, we ever felt that offering the best quality should be compromise and We hope to take this very standard to the very end.


Not just only that, you can also contact us for Tea % Coffee seedlings and coffee beans supply in small and large volumes. Delivery is worldwide.

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Solar Energy

We are always pleased to hear from you and the need on how we can serve you better like when it comes to making the best decision on Renewable energy, we know the best product ranging from Batteries, Inverter, Solar Panels, and more. we also have the best installers, so what are you waiting for today? we go the mile for you to enjoy the comfort. 

Contact us today.

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We are contractors

For your unique idea, request and order, we have the best expertise that suit you better, we leverage on friendship with the best people in every industry, why? because big business are not done by one body but a collective body of individuals in other word we just want to assure you that your orders are well in the better hands.

Lets take it from here in serving you better as we want to show you what we can do and how far we can go for you.

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Why Love Breuddwyd

Because Breuddwyd is always a friend in business.

We love to go the mile, just for you, we at Breuddwyd don’t  regard profitability in business as first priority, but service because we believe that if we can serve you better, you will find it a pleasure to pay us for our time.

The badges illustrate our focus on key , what we regard as value, benefits  for our client and the quality of our services, namely quick turnaround times and dedicated support in business.

3 Years Experience

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